Shop Wholesale

Shop Wholesale or Become a Re-seller
How to become a re-seller or wholesaler?
1. Send your name address, contact number and link of your shop or FB page where you plan to sell.
2. Pay refundable Php 1000 membership fee. Can be refunded after 5 transactions has been completed.
3. Enjoy highest discounts on latest and residual products and be permitted to use our product pictures.
4. Payment center, Paypal & credit card payments will incur additional 5% charge. BPI & BDO no charge.
5. Strictly no cancellation of orders once reserved or completed check-out. Cancellation will automatically forfeit your membership fee and be banned from re-ordering.
Re-seller Discount Rates
New Stocks - less Php 30 each
Wholesale Discount Rates
1. You can choose design & size
Min. of 30 items less Php 30each
Min of 40 items less Php 40 each
Min of 50 items less Php 50 each
2. Assorted (You cannot choose design & size)
Min. of 30 items less Php 60 each
Min of 50 items less Php 70 each