1. When will my order arrive?

We will ship your order in 1 to 3 days after payment confirmation. Please expect your tracking numbers posted on our page or CLICK HERE! 2 days after your order has been dispatched as it takes time for couriers to provide tracking numbers.

New Delivery Timeframes provided by J&T/JRS Courier:

Luzon: 1 to 5 days
Visayas & Mindanao: 5 to 10 days

However, based from previous shipments some has arrived as early as 2 days.

For LBC delivery timeframes please CLICK HERE!

 2. How to track my order?

 You may track your orders on the following courier websites below.




3. Will my items be delivered door to door or directly to my address?

The shipping details you provided will be the exact details we will provide to the courier. Buyer will be responsible to check which courier delivers directly to your address. 

 4. How much are your shipping rates?

CLICK HERE! to see complete shipping guidelines.

 5. Can I be your reseller or wholesaler?

 Step 1: Send the following details:


Mobile Number

Shipping Details

Email Address

Store Link or Name

 Step 2: Pay Php 1000 pesos refundable membership fee. (can be refunded after 5 transactions but membership will be forfeited)

 Step 3: Get your reseller website discount code & access to Membership Group.

 Membership Perks:

 1. Automatic less Php 30 discount on each item purchased.

2. Exclusive members only promotional discounts & freebies every New Arrivals Upload & exclusive members only sale & bundles.

3. Avail Exclusive J-maxx Wholesale Pricing

4. Avail Wholesale Australian Baby Clothing Pricing direct from Australian stores. (coming soon)

6. Clothes Size Guide


7. Shoe Size Guide

Our shoes are based on actual manual outsole measurement in centimeters for accuracy. As different brands have different sizing. We recommend measuring your child’s shoes using ruler or tape measure to get the exact shoe size. 

 8. I have an issue with my order what should I do?

 CLICK HERE! to fill out order support request form.

Please note that only approved requests based on our returns policy will be accepted. Please wait for 48 hours to receive your request outcome.

9. Are there extra charges for Paypal or credit card payments?

Please note that there is a 7% charge on all Paypal transactions.